3rd May at New River Studios, London, UK

July-August  Uncool Artists in Residence, Switzerland &Italy
2nd August at Bar Caffe Pedenosso, Pedenosso, Italy
4th August at Lo Spazio , Poschiavo, Switzerland

21st September at China Exchange, a part of Design Festival opening. London
27th February  at Honeymoon, Apiary, London

11th November   at T-chance , Tottenham London, UK
21st August    Contra Pop Festival,  Ramsgate beach, UK

24th April  at Fellini Gallery, Berlin, Germany

5 Nov  Fellini Gallery, "Hibiki" event. Berlin, Germany
Oct   DC Sonic Circuits Festival, Washington DC, USA
30 August   Kraniche Club, Hamburg, Germany
15 June   Quiet Cue, Berlin, Germany
7 Feb   Auditorio Alianza Francesa, Quito, Ecuador. 
27 Feb La Galeria de Rosero, Quito, Ecuador. 
1 March La Multinacional Espacio de Dialogo, Quito, Ecuador
2 March Pin Gool Bar, Quito, Ecuador
15 March Cdla San Cayetano, Sector Andinatel, Ambato, Ecuador
21 March Cosmoaudicion at Centro de Arte Contemporaneo, Quito, Ecuador 
22 March Centro de Arte Contemporaneo, Quito, Ecuador

21 Feb Vigo, Galicia
3 March at Liceo Mutante, Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain
7 April Radio , Puebra, Mexico
15 April at the mural festival, Collectibo Tomate, Puebra, Mexico
7 May Nanahari, Tokyo
10 May Urban Guild, Kyoto
14 May Groove, Okinawa
16 May Terror Vision, Okinawa
28 July Alg-a Labo, Vigo, Galicia, Spain
9 Aug on the beach of Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal
12 Aug at the Garden, Azores, Sao Miguel. Portugal
3 Nov the Apiary, London
15 Dec,  at Terminal08 Gallery in Gorzow, Poland .
16 Dec   at kolektyw 1a, "Salon Bruit" in Poznan , Poland    
24 Dec for DIY Church Radio, Internet broadcasting live show, Berlin, Germany

15 Jan Resonance FM live broadcasting show, Borough, London 
20 Jan at the Others, for Transient Constellations, London 
4 March at Bussey Building, Peckam, London
8 April at the Windmill, London
5 May, at the Others, London
22 May, at the Ryan’s bar, London
12 June at the Raven Row gallery, Resonance FM, London
24 June at the Victoria, with NHKyx, etc… London
28 July the Spirit of Gravity, Brighton
29 July Solina hi-fi’s studio, live broadcast to Mexico, Hackney Wick, London
15 Sep at Servant Jazz Quarters, London
23 Sep at Centro ADM, Mexico D.F.
24 Sep Merida, Mexico
29Sep Ocotlan and Oaxaca, Mexico
30 Sep Ex Teresa, Mexico D.F. , Mexico
1 Oct Lagos de Moreno, Mexico
5 Oct at la Casa Suspendia, Guadalajara, Mexico
6 Oct at VOLTA, Museo Británico Americano, Mexico D.F.
7 Oct Taladoro Festival, Ciudad Victoria , Mexico
21 Oct at the Others, Transient Constilations , London
12 Nov at Urban Bar, Whitechapel, London,

(…….and many more little gigs across UK& EU since 2006. )